Derivatives and Futures Litigation

We have an expertise in representing broker-dealers, futures commission merchants ("FCMs"), banks and institutional users of futures and derivatives markets worldwide. In courts and arbitral tribunals across the United States, we have applied our experience and knowledge of derivative and futures instruments, and the markets on which they are traded, to assist our clients in numerous complex cases.

We cover an extraordinarily wide spectrum of equity, hedge fund, credit, fixed income, currency and commodity derivatives. We are involved with all aspects of the otc market from product development to transactional execution, hedging, sales practices and settlement issues. We regularly advise on and execute the full range of hedge fund products (swaps, options, forwards, CFD's and the like), issuer derivatives, hedging and monetization transactions, municipal derivatives and guaranteed investment contracts.

We are experienced in representing equity, options and futures exchanges and clearing corporations, as well as alternative trading systems, with regards to issues relating to membership, electronic trading and routing systems, and compliance with agency rules and regulations. We have developed and implemented solutions for market structure problems including order routing and clearing systems and the settlement of transactions.